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Trusts (Amendment) Act No 6 of 2018

Land (Restrictions on Alienation) (Amendment) - GS


Foreign Exchange Regulations

Intellectual Property (Amendment) Act No 7 of 2018 Shop and Office Employees (Regulation of Employment and Remuneration (Amendment) New Pradeshiya Sabhas-Ministry of Provincial Councils & Local Government - Pradeshiya Sabha Act, No. 15 of 1987
Active Liability Management (Amendment) Act No 8 of 2018 Penal Code (Amendment) National Police Commission - Rules of Procedure for Public Complaint Investigation made by the Police Commission by virtue of the Powers vested in it under Article 155FFF of the Constitution

International Convertion for the Protection of all persons from Enforced Disappearance Act No 5 of 2018

Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Gazettes Banning the use of Polethene
Pradeshiya Sabhas (Amendment) Order to prohibit the manufacture of Polythene or any Polythene product, 20 microns and below
Anti-dumping & Countervailing Duties Act No 2 of 2018

Order to prohibit the manufacture of food wrappers (Lunch Sheet) etc

Excise (Amendment) Act No 4 of 2018 Prescription (Special Provisions) (Amendment) Order to Prohibit burning of refuse & other combustible matters inclusive of Plastics
Prevention of Crimes (Amendment) Act No 29 of 2017 Commissions of Inqutry (Amendment) - GS Order to Prohibit the use of Polyethylene products as decorations
Judicature (Amendment) Act No 26 of 2017 Bribery (Amendment) GS Order to Prohibit the Manufacture of Food Containers, Plates, Cups, Spoons from expanded Polystyrene
Electronic Transactions (Amendment)Act No 25 of 2017 Prescription (Special Provisions) (Amendment) The Motor Traffic (Motor Tricycle) Regulations, No. 01 of 2017
Inland Revenue Act No 24 of 2017 Code of Criminal Procedure (Special Provisions) (Amendment) Bill Qualifications referred to under appointments, promotions & transfers of Judicial officers of the Judicial Service Commission.
Motor Traffic (Amendment) Act No 18 of 2017

GAZETTES determining Jurisdiction

Condominium Management Authority Law, No. 11 of 1973
Foreign Exchange Act No. 12 of 2017 Main Gazette-1679/40-10.11.2010 By Laws for the Parking of Vehicles within the Administrative limits of Colombo Municipal Council
Civil Procedure Code (Amendment) Act No 8 of 2017 1st Amendment-1890/17-26.11.2014 2018 Sri Lanka Official Calendar
Revocation of irrevocable Deeds of Gift on the ground of Gross Ingratitude Act No 5 of 2017
2nd Amendment-2021/29-31.5.2017 Notification of the Public and Bank Holidays for the year 2018
Land (Restrictions on Alienation) (Amendment) Act No 3 of 2017 3rd Amendment-2027/22-12.7.2017 Full Moon Poya Days for the year 2018
Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Act No 18 of 2016 4th Amendment-2066/18 2018-04-10  
Right to Information Act No 12 of 2016




Mediation Board (Amendment) Act No 9 of 2016

Stamp Duty Gazettes

Prescription (Special Provisions) Act No 5 of 2016
Rates Exemptions
  Specified in Extra Ordinary Gazette No. Specified in Extra Ordinary Gazette No.
  No. 1439/3 dated 03.04.2006
No. 1465/19 dated 5.10.2006
No. 1530/13 dated 01.01.2008
No. 1789/9 dated 17.12.2012
No. 1809 /19 dated 10.05.2013
No. 1465/20 dated 5/10/2006
No. 1478/7 dated 01.01.2007
No. 1546/7 dated 22.4.2008
No. 1752/17 dated 04.04.2012
No. 1757/4 dated 09.05.2012
No. 1778/32 dated 04.10.2012
No. 1789/15 dated 18.12.2012

NLS celebrates Avurudu

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Legal Interest

Legal Rate and the Market Rate of Interest, with effect from 1.1.2018

market Rate of Interest for the purpose of Debt Recovery (Special Provisions) Act, shall be 7.06% per annum with effect from 1.1.2017

Legal Rate of Interest shall be 5.98% Per annum with effect from 1.1.2016

Legal Rate of Interest shall be 7.76% per annum w.e.f. 1.1.2015

Legal Rate of Interest shall be 10.34% per annum with effect from 1.1.2014

Legal Rate of Interest and Market Rate of interest with effect from 1.1.2013