Acts 2019

Chemical Weapons Convention (Amendment) Act No 1 of 2019
Recovery of Damages for the Death of a Person Act No 2 of 2019
Commissions of Inquiry (Amendment) Act No 3 of 2019
Debt Conciliation (Amendment) Act No 4 of 2019


Acts 2018

1/2018 Fisheries (Regulation of Foreign Fishing Boats) (Amendment)
2/2018 Anti-dumping & Countervailing Duties
3/2018 Safeguard Measures
4/2018 Excise (Amendment)
5/2018 International Convention for the Protection of all persons from Enforced Disappearance
6/2018 Trusts (Amendment)
7/2018 Intellectual Property (Amendment)
8/2018 Active Liability Management (Amendment)
9/2018 Judicature (Amendment)
10/2018 Penal Code (Amendment)
11/2018 Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment)
12/2018 Civil Aviation (Amendment)
13/2018 Sri Lanka Tea Board (Amendment)
14/2018 Shop and Office Employees (Regulation of Employment and Remuneration) (Amendment)
15/2018 Maternity Benefits (Amendment)
16/2018 National Defence Fund (Amendment)
17/2018 General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University (Special Provisions)
18/2018 Suwaseriya Foundation
19/2018 National Audit Act
20/2018 Nation Building Tax (Amendment)
21/2018 Land (Restrictions on Alienation) (Amendment)
22/2018 Bribery (Amendment)
23/2018 Apartment Ownership (Special Provisions)
24/2018 Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters (Amendment)
25/2018 Value Added Tax (Amendment)
26/2018 Excise (Amendment)
27/2018 Amaradeva Aesthetic & Research Centre
28/2018 Medical (Amendment)
29/2018 Carriage by Air
30/2018 Pradeshiya Sabhas (Amendment)
31/2018 Institute of Personnel Management (Amendment)
32/2018 New Villages Development Authority for Plantation Region
33/2018 Economic Service Charge (Amendment)
34/2018 Office for Reparations
35/2018 Finance

Acts 2017

01/2017 Medical (Amendment)
02/2017 Divineguama (Amendment)
03/2017 Land (Restrictions on Alienation) (Amendment)
04/2017 Engineering Council, Sri Lanka
05/2017 Revocation of irrevocable Deeds of Gift on the ground of Gross Ingratitude
06/2017 National Transport Commission (Amendment)
07/2017 Economic Service Charge (Amendment)
08/2017 Civil Procedure Code (Amendment)
09/2017 Office on Missing Persons (Establishment, Administration and Discharge of Functions) (Amendment)
10/2017 Registration of Electors
Nov-17 Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (Amendment)
Dec-17 Foreign Exchange Act No. 12 of 2017
13/2017 Nation Building Tax (Amendment)
14/2017 Sugathadasa National Sports Complex Authority (Amendment)
15/2017 Ceylon German Technical Training Institute
16/2017 Local Authorities Elections (Amendment)
17/2017 Provincial Councils Elections (Amendment)
18/2017 Motor Traffic (Amendment)
19/2017 Sri Lanka Sustainable Development
20/2017 Municipal Councils (Amendment)
21/2017 Urban Councils (Amendment)
22/2017 Pradeshiya Sabhas (Amendment)
23/2017 Regulation of Insurance Industry (Amendment)
24/2017 Inland Revenue Act
25/2017 Electronic Transactions Act (Amendment)
26/2017 Judicature (Amendment)
27/2017 Assistance to and Protection of Victims of Crime and Witnesses (Amendment)
28/2017 Local Authorities (Special Provisions)
29/2017 Prevention of Crimes (Amendment)
30/2017 Appropriation Act
31/2017 Local Authorities Elections (Amendment)
32/2017 Appropriation (Amendment)

Acts 2016

01/2016 Local Authorities Elections (Amendment)
02/2016 Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (Amendment)
03/2016 National Minimum Wage of Workers
04/2016 Budgetary Relief Allowance of Workers
05/2016 Prescription (Special Provisions)
06/2016 Microfinance Act
07/2016 Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Agreement (Ratification)
08/2016 Registration of Persons (Amendment)
09/2016 Mediation Board (Amendment)
11/2016 National Research Council
Oct-16 Homeopathy
Dec-16 Right to Information
13/2016 Fiscal Management (Responsibility) (Amendment)
14/2016 Office on Missing Persons (Establishment, Administration & Discharge of Functions)
15/2016 Animal Feed (Amendment)
16/2016 Registration of Deaths (Temporary Provisions) (Amendment)
17/2016 Universities Act
20/2016 Value Added Tax (Amendment)
21/2016 Ports & Airports Development Levy (Amendment)
22/2016 Nation Building Tax (Amendment)
23/2016 Appropriation (Amendment)
18/2016 Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment)
19/2016 Law Commission (Amendment)
24/2016 Appropriation Act

Acts 2015

01/2015 Appropriation (Amendment)
02/2015 Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (Amendment)
03/2015 National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol (Amendment)
04/2015 Assistance to and Protection of Victims of Crime and Witnesses
05/2015 National Medicines Regulatory Authority
06/2015 Madahapola Sri Ratnapalaramaya Religious and Buddhist Educational Development Foundation (Incorporation)
00/2015 19th Amendment to the Constitution (NEW)
07/2015 Immigrants & Emigrants (Amendment)
08/2015 National Authority on Teacher Education (Repeal)
09/2015 Inland Revenue (Amendment)
Oct-15 Finance Act
Nov-15 Value Added Tax (Amendment)
Dec-15 Nation Building Tax (Amendment)
13/2015 Economic Service Charge (Amendment)
14/2015 Betting & Gaming Levy (Amendment)

Acts 2014

Jan-14 Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka (Amendment)
Feb-14 National Institute of Business Management (Amendment)
Mar-14 Institute of Geology, Sri Lanka (Incorporation)
Apr-14 Philip Gunawardena Commemorative Society (Incorporation)
May-14 Chandima Weerakkody Foundation (Incorporation)
Jun-14 Medical (Amendment)
Jul-14 Value Added Tax
Aug-14 Inland Revenue (Amendment)
Sep-14 Economic Service Charge (Amendment)
Oct-14 Nation Building Tax (Amendment)
Nov-14 Telecommunication Levy (Amendment)
Dec-14 Special Commodity Levy (Amendment)
13/2014 Companies Act (Amendment)
14/2014 Default Taxes (Special Provisions) (Amendment)
15/2014 Monetary Law (Amendment)
16/2014 Samastha Lanka Sasanarakshaka Mandalaya (Incorporation)
17/2014 The Rehabilitation of Buddhist Temples Foundation (Incorporation)
18/2014 National Enterprise Development Authority (Amendment)
19/2014 Kumarasiri Hettige Foundation (Incorporation)
20/2014 Mohan Lal Grero Foundation (Incorporation)
21/2014 Victor Antony Foundation (Incorporation)
22/2014 Dampe, Meegoda, Bodhiwardhanarama Sri Madurasama Pirivena Viharastha Sanwardhana Sabhawa (Incorporation)
23/2014 Nimal Siripala De Silva Foundation (Incorporation)
24/2014 Lakshman Wasantha Perera Community Development Foundation (Incorporation)
25/2014 Institute of Fundamental Studies, Sri Lanka (Amendment)
26/2014 Prescription (Amendment)
27/2014 John Seneviratne Foundation (Incorporation)
28/2014 Bodirajarama Educational and Cultural Foundation (Incorporation)
29/2014 Vasantha Senanayake Foundation (Incorporation)
30/2014 Roman Catholic Archbishop and Bishops of Ceylon (Amendment)
31/2014 Ocean University of Sri Lanka
32/2014 Piyasena Gamage Foundation (Incorporation)
33/2014 Construction Industry Development Act
34/2014 Municipal Councils (Amendment)
35/2014 Urban Councils (Amendment)
36/2014 Pradeshiya Sabhas (Amendment)
37/2014 Local Authorities filling of vacancies (Special Provisions) (Amendment)
38/2014 Land (Restrictions on Alienation)
39/2014 DFCC Bank (Repeal and Consequential Provisions)
40/2014 Sri Lanka Atomic Energy
41/2014 Appropriation
42/2014 Kalpawaruksha Development Foundation (Incorporation)
43/2014 Sivmuni Se Vehera Buddhist Foundation (Incorporation)
44/2014 P. Harrison Community Development Foundation (Incorporation)
45/2014 Welfare Society of the School for the Mentally Subnormal Child (Incorporation) (Amendment)
46/2014 Sri Lanka Association of Professional Social Workers (Incorporation)
47/2014 Appropriation (Amendment)

Acts 2013

Jan-13 Divinaguma
Feb-13 Code of Criminal Procedure
Mar-13 Convention of the suppression of Terrorist Financing
Apr-13 Society of the Ceylonese Brother’s of St. Joseph
May-13 Ports and Airports Developments Levy (Amendment)
Jun-13 Economic Service Charge (Amendment)
Jul-13 Excise (Amendment)
Aug-13 Telecommunication Levy (Amendment)
Sep-13 Customs (Amendment)
Oct-13 Resettlement Authority (Amendment)
Nov-13 Nation Building
Dec-13 Finance Act
13/2013 Notaries (Amendment)
14/2013 Powers of Attorney
15/2013 Fiscal Management (Responsibility) (Amendment)
16/2013 Strategic Development Projects
17/2013 Value Added Tax
18/2013 Inland Revenue
19/2013 Betting and Gaming Levy (Amendment)
20/2013 Tax Appeals Commission
21/2013 Registration of Documents
22/2013 Marriage Registration (Amendment)
23/2013 Kandyan Marriage and Divorce
24/2013 Muslim Marriage and Divorce (Amendment)
25/2013 Births and Deaths Registration
26/2013 Hanguranketha Madanwala Rajamaha Vihara Development Foundation
27/2013 Registration of Electors (Special Provisions)
28/2013 Parliamentary Scholarship Board (Repeal)
29/2013 Defence Services Command and Staff College (Amendment)
30/2013 Local Authorities filling of vacancies
31/2013 Sri Lanka Electricity (Amendment)
32/2013 Science and Technology Development (Amendment)
33/2013 Convention Against Doping in Sport
34/2013 Buddhist Temporalities (Amendment)
35/2013 Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (Amendment)
36/2013 Appropriation

Acts 2012

Jan-12 Ramakrishna Sarada Mission (Incorporation)
Feb-12 Employee’s Provident Fund
Mar-12 Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (Amendment)
Apr-12 Tax Appeals Commission
May-12 Central Colleges Past Pupils’ Association of Sri Lanka (Incorporation)
Jun-12 Rahula College Matara
Aug-12 Inland Revenue (Amendment)
Sep-12 Nation Building Tax (Amendment)
Oct-12 Ports and Airport
Nov-12 Economic Service Charge (Amendment)
Dec-12 Finance
13/2012 Defence Services Command and Staff College (Amendment)
Jul-12 Value Added Tex
14/2012 T. B. Ekanayake Foundation ( Incorporation)
15/2012 Buddhasravaka Bikku University (Amendment)
16/2012 Organization for the Eraction of Balana Buddha Statue (Incorporation)
17/2012 D. M. Dasanayake Social Serivice and Charity Foundation
18/2012 Dr. Malani Fonseka Foundation
19/2012 Piya Dasuna Foundation
20/2012 Ranaviru Seva Authority (Amendment)
21/2012 Local Authority (Special)
22/2012 Local Authority Election (Amendment)
23/2012 Appropriation Act

Acts 2011

Jan-11 Recovery of Loans by Banks Act
Feb-11 Offensive Weapons Act
Mar-11 Regulation of Insurance Industry (Amendment)
Apr-11 Mediation Boards (Amendment)
May-11 Protection of the Rights of Elders (Amendment)
Jun-11 Rohitha Abeygunawardana Foundation (Incorporation)
Jul-11 Tharunyata Hetak Organization (Incorporation)
Aug-11 Red Lotus Organization for Humanitarian Services (Incorporation)
Sep-11 Value Added Tax (Amendment)
Oct-11 Nation Building Tax (Amendment)
Nov-11 Economic Service Charge
Dec-11 Strategic Development Project
13/2011 Provincial Councils (Transfer of Stamp duty)
14/2011 Debits Tax
15/2011 Finance (Amendment)
16/2011 Regional Infrastructure Development Levy (Repeal)
17/2011 Excise (Special Provisions) (Amendment)
18/2011 Ports and Airports Development Levy
19/2011 Recovery of Loans by Banks (Special Provisions) (Amendment)
20/2011 Excise (Amendment)
21/2011 Telecommunication Levy
22/2011 Inland Revenue (Amendment)
23/2011 Tax Appeals Commission
24/2011 Sri Lanka Samata Setha Foundation (Incorporation)
25/2011 Pina Organisation (Incorporation)
26/2011 Census (Amendment)
27/2011 Maheswary Foundation (Incorporation)
28/2011 Elections
29/2011 Food
30/2011 Pradeshiya Sanwardena Bank
31/2011 Control of Pesticides
32/2011 Navy (Amendment)
33/2011 Sri Lanka Economic Association
34/2011 Anuradhapura Sri Puspadana Development Foundation (Incorporation)
35/2011 Pahalagama Sri Somarathana Nayaka Thero Foundation (Incorporation)
36/2011 Lester James Peries & Sumithra Peries Foundation
37/2011 Olangala Maha Sudarshana Paropakari Foundation
38/2011 Institute of Applied Statistics, Sri Lanka (Incorporation)
39/2011 Industrial Dispute (Amendment)
40/2011 Prevention Of Money Laundering
41/2011 Convention of the suppression of Terrorism Financing (Amendment)
42/2011 Finance Business
43/2011 Revival of Underperforming Enterprises or underutilized Assets
44/2011 National Police Academy
45/2011 Housing Development Finance Corporation Bank of Sri Lanka (Amendment)
46/2011 Agrarian Development Act (Amendment) c
47/2011 Notaries (Amendment)
48/2011 Registration of documents (Amendment)
49/2011 Coast Conservation
50/2011 Buddhist Cultural Center of Nedimala Dehiwala (Incorporation) (Amendment)
51/2011 Sri Dhammalankara Social Services
52/2011 Appropriation

Acts 2010

Acts 2009

Jan-09 The World Fellowship of Buddhist Sri Lanka Centre (Incorporation)
Feb-09 Madampe Thaniwella Maha Devale Trust
Mar-09 Retired Senior Police Officers’ Association(Incorporation)
Apr-09 Foundation for Civilian Bravery
May-09 Grant of Citizenship to Stateless persons
Jun-09 Grant of Citizenship to Persons of Indian Origin (Amendment)
Jul-09 Ranaviru Seva Authority (Amendment)
Aug-09 Motor Traffic (Amendment)
Sep-09 Nation Building Tax
Oct-09 Animals (Amendment)
Nov-09 Ranga Art Institute (Incorporation)
Dec-09 Sri Lanka Institute of Textile & Apparel
13/2009 Finance (Amendment)
14/2009 Excise (Special Provisions) (Amendment)
15/2009 Value Added Tax (Amendment)
16/2009 Economic Service Charge (Amendment)
17/2009 Debits Tax (Amendment)
18/2009 Finance (Amendment)
19/2009 Inland Revenue (Amendment)
20/2009 Sri Lanka Electricity Act
21/2009 Jagaddala Social Welfare Institute (Incorporation)
22/2009 Fauna & Flora Protection
23/2009 Institute of Certified Management Accountants
24/2009 Pahiyangala Conservation and Development Foundation (Incorporation)
25/2009 Young Men’s Buddhist Association – Kolonnawa
26/2009 Gamage Arthur Perera Foundation (Incorporation)
27/2009 Board of Directors of the Mahaweli Cultural Foundation Trust (Incorporation)
28/2009 Widowers’ and Orphans’ Pension Scheme (Armed Forces) (Amendment)
29/2009 Widowers’ and Orphans’ Pension Scheme (Armed Forces) (Amendment)
30/2009 Local Authorities (Special Provisions) (Amendment)
31/2009 Free Nursery and Welfare Complex (Incorporation)
32/2009 Nation Building Tax
33/2009 Sri Lanka Institute of Landscape Architects Act
34/2009 Bibliomania Educational Books for the Nation Foundation (Incorporation)
35/2009 Chief of Defence Staff
36/2009 Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (Amendment)
37/2009 Road Development Authority (Amendment)
38/2009 National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health
39/2009 Kosala Dullewa Foundation
40/2009 Society of Structural Engineers of Sri Lanka (Incorporation)
41/2009 Coast Guard Act
42/2009 Board of Trustees of Sihala Sarana Pin Keraya (Incorporation)
43/2009 Rev. Moonamale Dhammarathana Memorial Foundation (incorporation)
44/2009 A. D. M. J. Religious Centre & Bio Diversity Complex Trust Fund
45/2009 Lasantha Alagiyawanna Foundation
46/2009 Al Haj Abdul Jawad Alim Valiyullah Trust (Incorporation) Act No. 46
47/2009 Securities and Exchange Commission
48/2009 Social Service Foundation of Wickramashila Dharmayathenaya – Bandaragama
49/2009 Secured Transactions
50/2009 The Future world Organization (Incorporation)
51/2009 Overseas Muslim Educational Trust of Sri Lanka (Incorporation)
52/2009 Sri Lanka Society for the Prevention of cruelty to Animals (Incorporation)
53/2009 Sammanthurai Thableekul Islam Arabic College (Incorporation)
54/2009 Serendib Educational Foundation (Incorporation)
55/2009 Employees Provident Fund
56/2009 Foreign Employment Bureau
57/2009 Universities (Amendment)
58/2009 Parliamentary Elections
59/2009 Jama’ath Ansaris Sunnathil Mohammadiya
60/2009 Kottawa Sri Punyabiwardanaarama Viharasthana Performance Society (Incorporation)
61/2009 Karuna Samadhi Organization (Incorporation)
62/2009 Sri Kalyanodaya Society
63/2009 Thaliyawaka Ananda Bodhi Cultural Foundation (Incorporation)
64/2009 Samaja Sahana Padanama (Incorporation)
65/2009 Forst Act (Amendment)
66/2009 Mines and Minerals (Amendment)
67/2009 Cancer Research Foundation of Sri Lanka (Incorporation)
68/2009 Gramodaya Mandala Fund (Amendment)
69/2009 Appropriation (Amendment) Act No. 69
70/2009 Foundation of Rural Workers and Allied Rural Resources Development (Incorporation.)
71/2009 Premadasa Hegoda Foundation (Incorporation)
72/2009 Zam Trust (Incorporation)
73/2009 Institute of Project Managers (Incorporation) Sri Lanka
74/2009 Al Haj S. M. M. Hussain Charitable Trust (Incorporation)
75/2009 Mahindananda Aluthgamage Foundation (Incorporation)
76/2009 Samoda Foundation (Incorporation)
77/2009 Grassroot Foundation (Incorporation)

Acts 2008

Feb-08 Sri Saranankara Development Foundation (Incorporation)
Jun-08 Api Wenuwen Api Fund
Jul-08 Finance (Amendment)
Aug-08 Finance (Amendment)
Sep-08 Inland Revenue (Amendment)
Oct-08 Stamp Duty (Special Provisions) (Amendment)
Nov-08 Economic Service Charge (Amendment)
Dec-08 Regional Infrastructure Development Levy (Amendment)
13/2008 Butchers (Amendment)
14/2008 Strategic Development Projects
15/2008 Value Added Tax (Amendment)
26/2008 Environment Conservation Levy
29/2008 Malwathu Maha Vihariya Tibbatuwawe Sri Siddhartha Sumangala Benevolent Foundation (Incorporation)
31/2008 University of Vocational Technology
33/2008 Information and Communication Technology (Amendment)
35/2008 Marine Pollution Prevention Act
39/2008 Sri Lanka Transport Board (Amendment)
40/2008 National Thoroughfares

Acts 2007

Jan-07 K. Jayatillake Foundation (Incorporation)
Feb-07 Mental Development and Research Center (Incorporation)
Mar-07 Lanka Children’s and Youth Theater Foundation (Incorporation)
Apr-07 Sri Lanka Federation of the Visually Handicapped (Incorporation)
May-07 Samastha Lanka International Development Association (Incorporation)
Jun-07 Sri Sarananda Development Foundation (Incorporation)
Jul-07 Companies Act
Sep-07 Resettlement Authority
Oct-07 Inland Revenue (Amendment)
Nov-07 Prevention of Mosquito Breeding
Dec-07 Debits Tax (Amendment)
13/2007 Finance (Amendment)
14/2007 Value Added Tax (Amendment)
15/2007 Economic Service Charge (Amendment)
16/2007 Local Authorities Elections (Amendment)
17/2007 Leo and Josephine de Almeida Memorial Foundation (Incorporation)
18/2007 Rambukwella Sri Vipassi Development Foundation (Incorporation)
19/2007 Shantha Children’s Education Services Foundation (Incorporation)
20/2007 Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Sri Lanka (Incorporation)
21/2007 Muditha Social Service Foundation (Incorporation)
22/2007 Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara Devala Foundation (Incorporation)
23/2007 Community Recovery & Development Foundation (Incorporation)
24/2007 Computer Crime
25/2007 Ceylon Hotels Corporation
26/2007 National Institute of Language Education and Training
27/2007 Regulation of Insurance Industry (Amendment)
28/2007 National Insurance Trust Fund (Amendment)
29/2007 Gnanodaya Foundation (Incorporation)
30/2007 Local Authorities (Special Provisions)
31/2007 Judicature (Amendment)
32/2007 Fouz Trust (Incorporation)
33/2007 Finance Leasing (Amendment)
34/2007 Jeyaraj Fernandopulle Foundation (Incorporation)
35/2007 Sri Lanka Sustanable Energy Authority
36/2007 Urban Development Authority (Amendment)
37/2007 Finance (Amendment)
38/2007 Board of Trustees of the Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust of Sri Lanka (Incorporation)
39/2007 Sarana Buddhist (Relief) Foundation (Incorporation)
40/2007 Ratnapura Marapana Sastrodaya Foundation (Incorporation)
41/2007 Sri Lanka-Nippon Educational and Cultural Centre (Incorporation)
42/2007 Code of Criminal Procedure (Special Provisions)
43/2007 Thai Sri Lanka Buddhist Cultural Centre (Incorporation)
44/2007 Seethawaka Maniyangama Rajamaha Viharastha Sanwardhana Sabhawa (Incorporation)
45/2007 Finance (Amendment)
46/2007 Excise (Special Provisions) (Amendment)
47/2007 Regional Infrastructure Development Levy (Amendment)
48/2007 Special Commodity Levy
50/2007 Sir John Kothalawala Defence Academy (Amendment)
51/2007 Gampaha Wicramarachchi Ayurveda Teaching Hospital (Transfer)
52/2007 Mahanuwara, Asgiriya, Palipana Sri Chandananda Internationl Buddhist Research & Development Centre (Incorporation)
54/2007 Drug Dependant Persons (Treatment & Rehabilitation)
55/2007 Local Authorities (Special Provisions)
56/2007 International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights (Iccpr)
57/2007 Central Ceylon Muslim Ladeis’ Union (Incorporation)
58/2007 Chemical weapons Convention

Acts 2006

Jan-06 Protection of Government Revenue (Special Provisions)
Feb-06 Local Authorities (Special Provisions)
Mar-06 Merchant Shipping (Change of Designation)
Apr-06 Geneva Conventions
May-06 Prevention of Money Laundering
Jun-06 Financial Transactions Reporting
Jul-06 Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment)
Aug-06 Value Added Tax (Amendment)
Sep-06 Monetary law (Amendment)
Oct-06 Inland Revenue
Nov-06 Finance
Dec-06 Stamp Duty (Special Provisions)
13/2006 Economic Service Charge
14/2006 Betting & Gaming Levy (Amendment)
15/2006 Banking (Amendment)
16/2006 Penal Code (Amendment)
17/2006 National Enterprise Development Authority
18/2006 Consular Functions (Amendment)
19/2006 Electronic Transactions
20/2006 Rubber Replanting Subsidy (Amendment)
21/2006 Private Medical Institutions (Registration)
22/2006 Fisheries and Acquatic Resources (Amendment)
23/2006 National Acquaculture Development Authority of Sri Lanka (Amendment)
24/2006 Employment of Women, Young Persons and Children (Amendment)
25/2006 Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technical Education (Amendment)
26/2006 T. B. Tennakoon Foundation (Incorporation)
27/2006 National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol
28/2006 National Insurance Trust Fund
29/2006 Social Security Benefit Scheme for Media Personnel
30/2006 Payment Devices Frauds
31/2006 Immigrants and Emigrants (Amendment)
32/2006 Sri Lanka Institute of Strategic Studies (Amendment)
33/2006 Nawalapitiya Dharul Uloom Al Hashimiya Arabic College (Incorporation)
34/2006 National Kidney Foundation of Sri Lanka (Incorporation)
35/2006 Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation (Amendment)
36/2006 Marriage Registration (Amendment)
37/2006 Births and Deaths Registration (Amendment)
38/2006 Marriage Registration (Amendment)
39/2006 Kandyan Marriage and Divorce (Amendment)
40/2006 Muslim Marriage and Divorce (Amendment)
41/2006 Anuradhapura Jaya Sri maha bodhi Development Fund (Incorporation)
42/2006 Tea Small Holdings Development (Amend.)
43/2006 Tea Research Board (Amendment)
44/2006 Sri Lanka Tea Board (Amendment)
45/2008 Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka (Incorporation) (Amendment)
46/2006 Banking(Amendment)
47/2006 Appropriation
48/2006 Finance (Amendment)
49/2006 Value Added Tax (Amendment)
50/2006 Excise (Special Provision ) (Amendment)
51/2006 Regional Infrastructure Development Levy
52/2006 Japan Sri Lanka Educational and Cultural Association (Incorporation)
53/2006 Dharmayathana Conservation Society (Incorporation)
54/2006 High Court of the Provinces (Special Provisions) (Amendment)

Acts 2005

Acts 2004

Acts 2003

Acts 2002

Acts 2001

Acts 2000

Acts 1999

Acts 1998

Acts 1997

Acts 1996

Acts 1995

Acts 1994

Acts 1993

Acts 1992

Acts 1991

Acts 1990

Acts 1989

Acts 1988

Acts 1987

Acts 1986

Acts 1985

Acts 1984

Acts 1983

01/1983 Knives (Amendment)
02/1983 Code of Intellectual Property (Amendment)
03/1983 Tea Control (Amendment)
04/1983 Pasture Lands (Reservation and Development)
05/1983 Municipal Councils and Urban Councils (Amendment)
06/1983 S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike National Memorial Foundation (Amendment)
07/1983 Jaffna Divine Life Society (Incorporation)
08/1983 Katugastota Bauddha Balamandalaya (Incorporation)
09/1983 Ratnapura Buddhist Society (Incorporation)
10/1983 Metric Units (Consequential Provisions) (Amendment)
Nov-83 Air Navigation (Special Provisions) (Amendment)
Dec-83 Payment of Gratuity (Amendment)
13/1983 Local Authorities (Commercial and Industrial Enterprises)
14/1983 Finance (Amendment)
15/1983 Appropriation
16/1983 United Muslim Association (Incorporation)
17/1983 Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Sri Lanka (Incorporation)
18/1983 Public Service Mutual Provident Association (Amendment)
19/1983 Makola Muslim Orphanage (Incorporation)
20/1983 Debt Conciliation (Amendment)
21/1983 Greater Colombo Economic Commission (Amendment)
22/1983 Obscene Publications (Amendment)
23/1983 Irrigation (Amendment)
24/1983 Widowers and Orphans Pension
25/1983 Newspapers (Amendment)
26/1983 Printing Presses (Amendment)
27/1983 Printers and Publishers (Amendment)
28/1983 Young Men’s Buddhist Association, Minuwangoda (Incorporation)
29/1983 State Lands (Recovery of Possession) (Amendment)
30/1983 Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka (Amendment)
31/1983 Ceylon Hotels Corporation (Amendment)
32/1983 Co-operative Societies (Amendment)
33/1983 Local Government Credit Councils
34/1983 Muslim Women’s Social league (Ceylon) (Incorporation)
35/1983 Judicature (Amendment)
36/1983 Judicature (Amendment)
37/1983 Sri Lanka Institute of Co-operative Management
38/1983 Mahaveli Development Board (Repeal)
39/1983 Turnover Tax (Amendment)
40/1983 Admiralty Jurisdiction
41/1983 Public Trustee (Amendment)
42/1983 Lajnathul Masjidul Jamiya Sailan (Incorporation)
43/1983 Inland Revenue (Amendment)
44/1983 Private Omnibus Services
45/1983 Ceylon (Parliamentary Elections) Order in Council (Amendment)
46/1983 Director of Cultural Affairs (Special Provisions)
47/1983 Motor Traffic (Amendment)
48/1983 Local Authorities (Special Provisions)
49/1983 Railways (Amendment)
50/1983 Studies (Higher Education) Loans
51/1983 Registered Stock and Securities (Amendment)
52/1983 Appropriation
53/1983 Rehabilitation Levy
54/1983 Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital Board

Acts 1982

01/1982 Parliamentary Pensions (Amendment)
02/1982 Air Navigation (Special Provisions)
03/1982 Employees’ Trust Fund (Amendment)
04/1982 Urban Development Authority (Amendment)
05/1982 National Housing Development Authority (Amendment)
06/1982 Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation
07/1982 International Winged Bean (Dambala) Institute
08/1982 National Savings Bank (Amendment)
09/1982 Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration
10/1982 Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) (Amendment)
Nov-82 Protection of Tenants (Special Provisions) (Amendment)
Dec-82 Offences Against Public Property
13/1982 Forest (Amendment)
14/1982 Finance (Amendment)
15/1982 Finance (Amendment)
16/1982 Licensing of Shipping Agents (Amendment)
17/1982 Companies
18/1982 Zahira College, Colombo, Board of Governors (Incorporation)
19/1982 Estates (Control of Transfers and Acquisition) (Repeal)
20/1982 Indemnity
21/1982 Carriage of Goods by Sea
22/1982 Surveyors’ Institute of Sri Lanka (Incorporation)
23/1982 Badulla Sri Saddharmananda Association (Incorporation)
24/1982 Offences Against Aircraft
25/1982 Surcharge on Wealth Tax
26/1982 Surcharge on Income Tax
27/1982 Inland Revenue (Amendment)
28/1982 Gramodaya Mandala Fund
29/1982 Consumer Credit
30/1982 Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Vidyalaya (Incorporation)
31/1982 Muslim Ladies Study Circle (Incorporation)
32/1982 Development Councils (Amendment)
33/1982 Muslim Mosques and Charitable Trusts of Wakfs (Amendment)
34/1982 Naleemiah Institute of Islamic Studies Society (Incorporation)
35/1982 National Crafts Council and Allied Institutions
36/1982 Shop and Office Employees (Regulation of Employment and Remuneration) and Wages Boards (Amendment)
37/1982 Fisheries (Regulation of Foreign Fishering Boats) (Amendment)
38/1982 All Ceylon Muslim Women’s Association (Incorporation)
39/1982 Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment)
40/1982 Loans (Special Provisions)
41/1982 National Zoological Gardens
42/1982 Development Finance Corporation of Ceylon (Amendment)
43/1982 Stamp Duty
44/1982 Sir Razik Fareed Foundation (Incorporation)
45/1982 Apartment Ownership (Amendment)
46/1982 Common Amenities Board (Amendment)
47/1982 Thanthai Chelva Memorial Trust (Incorporation)
48/1982 Women’s Aglo Fellowship of Sri Lanka (Incorporation)
49/1982 Nation Builders Association (Incorporation)
50/1982 Registration of Documents (Amendment)
51/1982 Criminal Procedure (Special Provisions) (Amendment)
52/1982 Colombo District (Low – lying Areas) Reclamation and Development Board (Amendment)

Acts 1981

01/1981 Parliamentary Elections
02/1981 Presidential Elections (Special Provisions)
03/1981 Institute of Supply Materials Management, Sri Lanka
04/1981 Consular Functions
05/1981 Partition (Amendment)
06/1981 Transport Board (Amendment)
50/1981 Firearms (Amendment)
07/1981 Referendum
08/1981 Government Quarters (Recovery of Possession)(Amendment)
09/1981 Licensing of Shipping Agents (Amendment)
Oct-81 Municipal Councils and Urban Councils (Amendment)
Nov-81 Registration of Persons (Amendment)
Dec-81 Tax Reserve Certificates (Amendment)
13/1981 National Health Development Fund
14/1981 Land Reform (Amendment)
15/1981 Presidential Elections
16/1981 Census (Amendment)
17/1981 Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration
18/1981 Buddhist Temporalities (Amendment)
19/1981 Ceylon Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (Amendment)
20/1981 Development Councils Elections
21/1981 Motor Traffic (Amendment)
22/1981 Air Navigation (Amendment)
23/1981 Balangoda Sri Sudarshana Vihara Wardhana Samithiya (Incorporation)
24/1981 Kandy Buddhist Association (Incorporation)
25/1981 Sri Lanka Campus Crusade for Christ (Incorporation)
26/1981 Employees’ Provident Fund (Amendment)
27/1981 Land Development (Amendment)
28/1981 Chinmaya Mission of Sri Lanka (Incorporation)
29/1981 Agrarian Research and Training Institute (Amendment)
30/1981 National Archives (Amendment)
31/1981 Surcharge on Income Tax
32/1981 Rest Houses (Amendment)
33/1981 Municipal Councils (Amendment)
34/1981 Sri Lanka Foundation (Amendment)
35/1981 Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited (Special Provisions) (Amendment)
36/1981 Civil Law (Amendment)
37/1981 Finance (Amendment)
38/1981 Credit Councils (Amendment)
39/1981 Land Reform (Special Provisions)
40/1981 Inland Revenue (Amendment)
41/1981 Superior Major of the Silverstro-Benedictine Congregation in Sri Lanka (Incorporation)
42/1981 Buddhist Temporalities (Amendment)
43/1981 Sri Lanka Chamber of Small Industry (Incorporation)
44/1981 Widows’ and Orphans’ Pension Fund (Amendment)
45/1981 Development Councils (Amendment)
46/1981 Public Servants Welfare Association, Batapola (Incorporation)
47/1981 Indo-Ceylon Agreement (Implementation) (Amendment)
48/1981 S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike National Memorial Foundation (Special Provisions)
49/1981 National Housing (Amendment)
51/1981 State Printing Corporation (Amendment)
52/1981 Maternity Benefits (Amendment)
61/1981 Municipal Councils and Urban Councils (Amendment)
53/1981 Shop and Office Employees (Regulation of Employment and Remuneration) (Amendment)
54/1981 National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency
55/1981 Institute of Fundamental Studies, Sri Lanka
56/1981 Ratnapura District Welfare Fund (Board of Trustees)
57/1981 Coast Conservation
58/1981 State Lands (Recovery of Possession) (Amendment)
59/1981 Marine Pollution Prevention
60/1981 Butchers (Amendment)
62/1981 State Mortgage and Investment Bank (Amendment)
63/1981 Guides (Amendment)
64/1981 State Gem Corporation (Amendment)
65/1981 Assisted Schools & Training Colleges (Special Provisions) (Amendment)
66/1981 Mahapola Higher Education Scholarship Trust Fund
67/1981 Sri Lanka State Trading Corporations (Amendment)
68/1981 Sir John Kotalawala Defence Academy
69/1981 Turnover Tax
70/1981 Krishnamurti Centre, Sri Lanka (Incorporation)
71/1981 Judicature (Amendment)
72/1981 Allowances to Plantation Workers
73/1981 Road Development Authority
74/1981 Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka
75/1981 Sugarcane Research Institute
76/1981 National Institute of Plantation Management (Amendment)
77/1981 Appropriation
78/1981 National Resources, Energy and Science Authority of Sri Lanka

Acts 1980

01/1980 Passport (Regulation) and Exit Permit (Amendment)
02/1980 Urban Development Projects (Special Provisions)
03/1980 Institute of Corporation Lawyers (Amendment)
04/1980 Senkadagala Eksath Buddha Mandalaya (Incorporation)
05/1980 National Arts Council, Mahanuwara (Incorporation)
06/1980 Prisons (Amendment)
07/1980 National Science Council of Sri Lanka (Amendment)
08/1980 Firearms (Amendment)
09/1980 Bribery (Amendment)
10/1980 Wages Boards (Amendment)
11/1980 Co-operative Societies (Special Provisions)
Dec-80 Ceiling on Income and Compulsory Savings (Amendment)
13/1980 Estate Duty
14/1980 Licensing of Clubs (Amendment)
17/1980 Parliament (Powers and Privileges) (Amendment)
15/1980 Motor Cars (Tax on Transfers) (Amendment)
16/1980 Lions Club International District 306A – Youth Education, Rehabilitation and Employment Trust (Incorporation)
18/1980 Deeghavapi Prathisanskarana Sabhawa (Incorporation)
19/1980 Sambuddha Jayanthi Chaitya Trust
20/1980 State Agricultural Corporation (Amendment)
21/1980 Business Undertakings (Acquisition) (Amendment)
22/1980 Buddhist Temporalities (Amendment)
23/1980 Foreign Loans (Amendment)
24/1980 Inland Revenue (Amendment)
25/1980 Kadawalagedara Purana Siddhasthana Wardhana Society (Incorporation)
26/1980 Food
27/1980 Cosmetics, Devices and Drugs
33/1980 Control of Pesticides
28/1980 Roman Catholic Archbishop and Bishops of Ceylon (Amendment)
29/1980 Finance (Amendment)
30/1980 Code of Intellectual Property (Amendment)
31/1980 Voluntary Social Service Organizations (Registration Supervision)
32/1980 Foreign Employment Agency
34/1980 Mahanuwara Esala Perahera Trust
35/1980 Development Councils
36/1980 Local Government Service (Amendment)
37/1980 Consumer Protection (Amendment)
38/1980 Housing and Town Improvement (Amendment)
39/1980 Kuliyapitiya Young Men’s Buddhist Association, Mahiyangana (Incorporation)
40/1980 Young Men’s Buddhist Association, Mahiyangana (Incorporation)
41/1980 Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (Incorporation)
42/1980 Institute of Sinhala Culture (Incorporation)
43/1980 Greater Colombo Economic Commission (Amendment)
44/1980 Registration of Electors
45/1980 National Film Corporation of Sri Lanka (Amendment)
46/1980 Employees’ Trust Fund
47/1980 National Environmental
48/1980 Sree Narayana Guru Society of Sri Lanka
49/1980 Primary Courts’ Procedure (Amendment)
50/1980 Penal Code (Amendment)
51/1980 College of General Practitioners of Sri Lanka (Incorporation) (Amendment)
52/1980 Penal Code (Amendment)
53/1980 Civil Procedure Code (Amendment)
54/1980 Criminal Procedure (Special Provisions) (Amendment)
55/1980 Rent (Amendment)
56/1980 Ceiling on Housing Property (Amendment)
57/1980 Central Cultural Fund
58/1980 Appropriation
59/1980 Appropriation (Amendment)
60/1980 Bank of Ceylon (Amendment)
61/1980 People’s Bank (Amendment)
62/1980 Monetary Law (Amendment)

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